ITG JDR-1 Aerosol Race Oil (200ml)

Manufacturer: ITG Filters
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JDR-1 Race Oil is to be used for low dust conditions such as track days or racing. Follow instructions on the can for correct application. All foam air filters should be oiled to provide the best filtration performance. The recommended oils are specifically formulated for foam air filters. When the oil is correctly applied, it provides a tacky coating over all the surfaces of the structure of the foam filter. As dust particles pass into the filter, they collide with the foam structure and are then retained in the oil coating. The oil coating also flows around the dust particles to continue to present a tacky surface for further dust particles.

If foam air filters are used in a dry or non-oiled state, they still provide filtration of larger dust particles, and they will also retain most smaller dust particles due to an electrostatic effect. Electrostatic dust retention is much less reliable than oil retention, so if a filter is used without oil, it is very important to monitor whether any dust is passing through the filter, and to clean the filter frequently. Some dust, which can potentially damage the engine, may pass through a filter used in dry condition. ITG will not provide any warranty when a filter is used in dry condition, or has not been maintained according to instructions.

There is a popular misconception that oil from air filters can become detached from the filter, pass through the air, and contaminate a MAF unit (mass air flow meter). Oils designed specifically for foam air filters are too viscous to become airborne and migrate onto MAF units. All pre-oiled ITG Profilters have the correct amount of oil applied and will not cause any issues with MAF units.Under no circumstances use cotton gauze filter oil, engine oil or any other oil not specifically manufactured for foam air filters.

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