Vauxhall Astra 1.9 CDTI Airbox (For VXR/GSI Direct Route Upgrade)

Manufacturer: JS Performance
Price (excluding VAT): £75.79
Price: £90.95
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This 1.9 CDTI airbox is used on the Astra Mk5 VXR and Mk4 GSI when using the direct route hoses. Please note that if you are fitting this to the Astra VXR, the airbox will need to be modified and the wiring to the arflow meter will need to be lengthened. If fitting to the Astra GSI, no modification is required unless you are using an 80mm VXR airflow meter. This airbox includes the airbox itself and air filter element. We also sell a modified airbox ready to fit to the VXR.

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