7mm Flexible Hose Clip Driver

Manufacturer: JS Performance
Price (excluding VAT): £6.50
Price: £7.80
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Designed for efficient, rapid and easy adjustment of worm drive hose clips, this hose fitting tool has a 7mm socket that will fit most clips. It has a flexible shaft designed for hard to reach places and makes it much safer and less frustrating to use than a screwdriver which can slip off the screw head. In our eyes this is a must for anyone upgrading their hoses.

Our silicone hose colour options (from right to left)(from bottom) are black, blue, red, orange, RS green, white, yellow, pink, purple, stealth grey, green and nitrous blue. See our hose colours page for more photos.

Our hose clip kits contain all the hose clips you need to replace the standard clips in your engine bay. Each kit is tailored to the your specific model, giving you exactly the right clips for you. We use JCS Hi Grip stainless steel hose clips in our kits, regarded universally as being the highest quality clip available in the market today.

Measurements for our silicone hoses, hose clips and accessories are provided as internal diameters, except for products where the overall or external diameter is the more important measurement, such as for blanking plugs or stainless steel hose joiners.