With pressures high or low, transfer rates slow or fast, and with materials as simple as air and water or as complex as hazardous chemicals, every industrial hose application requires something a little different. That’s why JS Performance silicone hoses are manufactured from a variety of compounds and reinforcements, tailored and fabricated in the UK to meet your exact requirements. Our in-depth knowledge of materials, processes and machinery is the perfect compliment to the dynamic nature of the market, in virtually any sector where a hose is required. Whether standard or custom made to order, we are reliable partners, a team dedicated to proven performance and complete peace of mind.

Industrial Silicone Hoses

Whether you need a hose for petroleum, steam, water, oil, gas, chemicals or even food and beverages, JS Performance have the ability to fabricate silicone hoses to your exacting needs, offering a reliable and competitive solution to your industrial application. We cater for all markets and sectors including the petrochemical and food industries, along with companies involved in construction, mining, chemicals, power, telecommunications, water and materials handling. Designed and built for long lasting performance and superior value, our silicone hoses have earned a reputation for excellence, whether standard or custom made.

Our reputation has been built on an uncompromising commitment to ensuring the best possible standards, so why not contact us today with your requirements and let us help you? We control all aspects of production including design, reverse engineering, pattern making, tooling and manufacturing, making us the perfect choice for your hoses. You demand the highest level of performance and reliability from your industiral machinery, so don’t settle for anything less from your hoses.