Generating growth and prosperity, transportation is the lifeblood of the UK economy, supporting a wide range of industries including agriculture, construction, manufacturing and retail. Over two million people are employed in logistics, generating nearly 100 billion pounds per year for the country. We strive to support the industry by providing the highest quality replacement silicone hoses, custom made to exceed standard specifications, keeping trains, heavy goods vehicles, vans, buses and coaches productive and profitable for years and years to come. Our silicone hoses are designed to last, out-performing many other hoses offered on the market today.

Transportation Silicone Hoses

Available in fire retardant and low toxicity grades to meet rail and safety requirements, our silicone hoses are suitable for pressurised and non-pressurised applications and remain highly flexible at operating temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees celsius and as high as 250 degrees celcius. The materials we use are of the highest quality and grade to ensure the best resistance to hardening, cracking, stress, ageing and extremes of temperature. Whether you need a hose for fuel, water, oil, gas, chemicals, steam or even waste, JS Performance have the ability to fabricate silicone hoses to your exacting needs, offering a reliable solution to your transport application.

Our reputation has been built on an uncompromising commitment to ensuring the best possible standards, so why not contact us today with your requirements and let us help you? We control all aspects of production including design, reverse engineering, pattern making, tooling and manufacturing, making us the perfect choice for your replacement hoses. You demand the highest level of performance and reliability from your transportation, so don’t settle for anything less from your hoses.